About NER Online Enterprises

NER Online Enterprises is a New York based company offering capability and experience with:

  • eCommerce
  • Web Hosting
  • Application integration and deployment
  • Operational support, Training, and Service Support

NER Online Enterprises uses Open Source Applications

The NER Online Enterprises business model offers proven capability to our clients because we first deploy and operate each Open Source application and business platform to meet our own organizational needs. This assures our involvement with the Open Source development community as changing technology and market demands drive development of new capabilities. While application developers work on fixes and enhancements for the user community, these releases require testing. Functional tests are covered by the Open Source community leaving validation of specific business processes for us and our clients. Balancing the desire to move forward with technology against the business cost of upgrades becomes a key part of our value proposition as we consult with and advise clients in applying technology to drive their business forward.

Developing Technology for Business

Contact our Benchmark Connections web hosting and applications team to review your business needs. Implementation of technology comes with a learning curve that is quickly justified as the benefits of automation and structured processes deliver quality results every time. Submit a request for us to eliminate my top business issues, let us schedule a few minutes with you to respond with options, then you decide if the benefits we offer are real. And then, lets get to the real conversation about delivering them to your bottom line.

NER Online Enterprises
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