CiviCRM for Non-Profit Groups

CiviCRM is Web Based and Integrated

Used Locally and Globally

CiviCRM offers a complete suite of tools allowing you to build and develop your internal processes. CiviCRM is trusted by institutions and organisations large and small. CiviCRM’s worldwide numbers of more than 9,300. See where your fundraising rates stand.

Designed to support non-profit and advocacy organizations

CiviCRM delivers a powerful set of management tools that empower the organization. This enables you to build advocacy campaigns by tying together and tracking the progress of a campaign’s events, mailings, activities, and contributions – measuring the effectiveness of your outreach and mobilization efforts.

Learning to use

Integrated through Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress, the interface is well-documented.



is a full featured web based application designed to manage information about your organization’s donors, members, events, subscribers, and contacts. Find out more at