Growth Engine – Mautic

Mautic version 2.1

Harness Mautic’s full power and capability for growth by using these significant improvements. Check out the full details at: Mautic – Your Business Growth Engine

A Deloitte report defined a growth engine as:

…a systematic and repeatable organizational capability to achieve and maintain profitable and significant growth

Here are some highlights

Progressive Profiling: Forms now have dynamic fields! When serving up a form, information that the system already knows about the contact can be hidden, and alternate fields can be displayed in their place. The contact is only asked to complete limited information every time they fill out a form.

Multi Lingual Dynamic Content on Emails and Landing Pages: Many businesses work with customers around the globe. Now a preferred language can automatically be associated with a contact based on the language settings in their browser!

Device Granularity: Now you can see which devices contacts are using to view their emails and landing pages!

Video Integration: Deeper video integration is here! Users can insert videos from Vimeo or YouTube or any other mp4 platforms onto landing pages with a gate. This means the user can require a contact to fill out a form after the video has played for a predefined period of time.